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Most agencies love their trendy terms, but you need no-nonsense digital marketing help that can actually grow your business. That is why my all-in, hands-on approach to ads (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads), email, search engines (on-page SEO), and social media management execution and strategy can make a big difference to your company.

Even though I am an online marketer, you will not hear stuff like “vlogging” or “full stack” (unless we are talking pancakes) from me. I am a #buzzword free, common sense digital marketer who speaks your language - business.

Ultimately, I hope you know that I care about your business, respect you, and am trying to do good by you. I love growing small and medium businesses, hobby businesses, and startups with digital marketing strategy and execution.

Matt was there every step of the way with excellent tips on how to get started and what direction my brand and marketing should take to suit ME and my business specifically.

Jessica M.
Founder, Handmade Goods

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