I am a #buzzword free, common sense digital marketer at Matty G Digital. A digital marketing company for small and medium businesses, hobby businesses and startups in CKL / Kawartha Lakes.

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Why did you get into... whatever it is that you do? If you ask me, it is because I love to solve business problems. That is what digital marketers do. We live for new challenges, finding solutions and growing businesses.

Most agencies love their trendy terms, but you need no-nonsense digital marketing help that can actually grow your business.

I recognize that agencies do not put their clients first, and make it challenging for them to actually grow. They do this with high costs and highly structured relationships. I know that I can offer you better, more personal attention and guidance, for less.

That is why my all-in, hands-on approach to:

in CKL + Kawartha Lakes (and surrounding area) can make a big difference to your company.

I care about your business, respect you, and am trying to do good by you. I just love growing small and medium businesses, hobby businesses and startups with digital marketing strategy and management across CKL, Kawartha Lakes and area.


Your business in CKL / Kawartha Lakes + area deserves to grow. I can help.

How Can I Help? 

I have been responsible for managing more than half a million bucks in annual retainers and the same in annual ad spend. Yeah those numbers are cool but have you ever had the unique opportunity to develop and manage strategies across extremely diverse industries and markets? I have. You name the industry, and I have probably worked with it:

B2B, B2C, career colleges, career transition, construction, web design, vapes, courier services, debt collection, dental implants, digital agency, divorce + family law, document management + scanning, sports travel packages, stone veneer, university, employment law, fighting traffic tickets, hardware store, retirement home, sales recruiter, software, sheet metal fabrication + roofing, home + office furniture rentals, hospitality, ID card systems, product development, retail shelving, real estate, insurance broker, long-term rentals, marketing consultant, pest control, plumber, premium sleepwear, new + used restaurant equipment, party + wedding rentals, and personal injury law.

Call or text me at 905-259-5718 (or contact me another way) to work with a real person, not a robotic, packaged digital marketing factory.

Matt took the time to get to know me and my company so that he could offer services tailored to our specific needs rather than offering cookie-cutter solutions.

Marc J.
Vice President - Sales and Projects, Fabrication + Restoration

Web Internet Marketing Matty G Digital

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